Is your Business Thriving or Surviving in Today's Economy?

Is your Business Thriving or Surviving in Today's Economy?
Is your Business Thriving or Surviving in Today's Economy?

The Question must be asked: What is your business doing to Thrive in the current economy?

60% of Americans have either no credit, bad credit, or are maxed out. The Oak Tree Financing's No Credit Check Financing option isn't the answer for every customer or meant to replace other payment options But this is the only answer for certain customers - a large and growing segment of the market.
No Credit Check financing has become the best way for those with a poor credit score to improve their credit rating. The severe economic problems in the last few years caught many people down and out but the road to recovery is now on. By helping your customers finance your products and services, you can boost their credit score long-term by showing consistency and reliability to pay.

In-House financing is defined: as a situation where a seller provides customers with loans to purchase its goods or services. In-House Financing eliminates the firm's reliance on the financial sector for providing the customer with funds to complete a transaction.

This is a well known practice in the automobile sales industry, which has been a prominent user of In-House financing. Many vehicle sales rely on the buyer taking a loan, In-house Financing
allows the firm to complete more deals
by accepting more customers. Whereas banks or other financial institutions may turn down a loan application, car dealerships can choose to lend to customers with poor credit ratings.

Profits up with In-House Financing
Profits up with In-House Financing.

We want to take just a moment to talk about our In-House Financing option and it's benefits to your business. We finance businesses from A-Z and chances are if you are in business we can get you approved to become a merchant.

Apart from being one of the biggest financing companies in the US, our In-House financing option is flying off the shelf. In the past 2 months we have seen a 50% increase in small business owners calling and looking for ways to finance their customers. Unlike most traditional business financing options, like Progressive, GE Money, My Guardian etc. our In-House financing options allows you as a business owner to pass the cost of the financing on to your customer in a way that meets their budget.

We use the slogan Dream Big every day but just recently we added the word "NOW" to the phrase. For so many business owners, entrepreneurs and local celebrities our dreams often seem so far away,  "In time" we say candidly, we will have 1 million customers, or we'll sell 25 cars a day, or a 100 mattresses or whatever the dream or idea. After finishing an amazing read by Dr. Joseph Murphy Ph. D, The Power of Your Sub-Conscious Mind, which we highly recommend reading, we realized through a simple shift in thought we can have those dreams become reality right now.

In fact, once the subconscious mind accepts an idea- it begins to execute it.~ Dr. Joseph Murphy Ph.D

Oak Tree Financing  has a longstanding and growing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We understand how results speak louder than words. That is why we place great emphasis on integrating our CSR efforts throughout the US and Canada. We are pleased to share with you the Charites we support and the communities we impact.

Acting on Our Values: Click Here.

Be sure that you've taken a moment to review our credit line requirements.

Oak Tree Financing goes beyond banking to work with our Approved Vendors to provide financing solutions for your customers who are not able to obtain loans from traditional banks or lenders.  If your customers are determined to start or grow their small business and are committed to good credit management, Oak Tree Financing can provide small business lines of credit or alternative financing options to your customers. Our 0% Financing Option is perfect for small business owners who are looking for competitive funding and rates.

When starting a business, start-up capital is vital to getting any venture launched and up and running. Finding the right loan, the right lending institution or better yet a bank that will say "yes" to your customer's idea is not so easy in 2013. Even if your customer has a decent credit score credit, tough credit conditions are continuing to rise and fewer banks are issuing loans to small business start-ups.

At Oak Tree Financing we understand the importance of securing start-up capital for your new business and have made it easy for our Approved Vendors to send their customers to apply for funding with just the click of a mouse.  We have made it even easier for your customers to pay the loan or line of credit back by offering interest rates and terms that meet their monthly budget. Oak Tree Financing offers 0% Financing for up to 15 months on the following credit lines: $5,000, $15,000, $30,000 and $50,000 financing options.

When Determining which line of Credit is right for your customer, keep in mind that their income must be able to comfortably support monthly loan payments. The chart below shows approximate monthly payment amounts for our 0% Financing options for up to 15 months and can help decide what loan amount is right for your customer.

To Become an Approved Vendor and begin offering your customers 0% Financing for up to 15 months: Click Here
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A Company is really ONLY - as good as the people they have helped.

Here are some of the comments we've received from Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Clients whom we have served and inspired! Thank you!

Rhonda H"Expert. Persistent. Convenient. Three words that come to mind about Oak Tree Financing!"

"Oak Tree Financing Increased My Sales By Over 50%!  I have been in online marketing for 10yrs & Because Of Oak Tree I Increased My Annual Income By Over $125,000 Per Year!  My clients are happy, I am happy!" Beau R., AR

"Oak Tree Financing was a great fit for me because of the 0% financing for up to 15 months, this was a no brainer when I was starting my business. " Ed B., NJ

"Within the first week of offering the no credit check financing options I took on 4 additional accounts, that I otherwise would not have been able to pick up. Your monthly payments make it easy for me to offer my services for up to a year now, while getting paid up front and not having the headache of monthly billing. My customers are thrilled to be able to make payments instead of pay upfront." Haim A., AZ

"This was a big lifesaver for my business. Due to the turn in the economy I had been experiencing fewer and fewer sales each much. I was considering going out of business till I began offering financing. After just 30 days of offering monthly payment options to my client for big orders—I took in $30,000 in additional income. Needless to say I am happy to still be in business." Ami S., Chicago IL

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Excerpt From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

When your Standing 3 FEET from Gold, Oak Tree Financing can Get You There!
When your Standing 3 Ft. from Gold
One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.

An uncle of R. U. Darby was caught by the “gold fever” in the gold-rush days, and went west to DIG AND GROW RICH. He had never heard that more gold has been mined from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth. He staked a claim and went to work with pick and shovel. The going was hard, but his lust for gold was definite. After weeks of labor, he was rewarded by the discovery of the shining ore. He needed machinery to bring the ore to the surface. Quietly, he covered up the mine, retraced his footsteps to his home in Williamsburg, Maryland, told his relatives and a few neighbors of the “strike.” They got together money for the needed machinery, had it shipped. The uncle and Darby went back to work the mine. The first car of ore was mined, and shipped to a smelter. The returns proved they had one of the richest mines in Colorado! A few more cars of that ore would clear the debts. Then would come the big killing in profits. Down went the drills! Up went the hopes of Darby and Uncle! Then something happened! The vein of gold ore disappeared! They had come to the end of the rainbow, and the pot of gold was no longer there! They drilled on, desperately trying to pick up the vein again–all to no avail. Finally, they decided to QUIT. They sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars, and took the train back home. Some “junk” men are dumb, but not this one! He called in a mining engineer to look at the mine and do a little calculating. The engineer advised that the project had failed, because the owners were not familiar with “fault lines.” His calculations showed that the vein would be found JUST THREE FEET FROM WHERE THE DARBYS HAD STOPPED DRILLING! That is exactly where it was found!

While most people in today's day and age are struggling to Keep up with the Kardashians, Oak Tree Financing's  focus is to keep our products and services  relevant in today changing economy. The No Credit Check Financing option  is a tool designed to help small business owners keep up with a large segment of the population, 60% to be exact, who has no credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, repossessed cars or who is just plain broke.

Most people today don't have cash flow or ways to get cash like they did in the 90's and the early 2000's. We realize that even when money is tight people have to get their car repaired, their teeth fixed and their medical condition attended to, whether you have the funds or not! The No Credit Check financing option,  does all of the above with just a checking account and a driver's license. Oak Tree Financing's No Credit Check Advantage  makes going to the dentist, the doctor, the mechanic, and anywhere else you NEED to go affordable. The No Credit Check program  offers 3, 6, and 12 months terms to the average American, when paying up front is just not an option.
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The No Credit Check Financing Opportunity
There Is Only One Thing Certain; Change.

There is only one thing certain in our age of global unrest. The one certainty is change. Love it or hate it, it's part of nature, it's part of personal relationships, and most importantly, its part of business. And with the certain change comes opportunity.

As it relates to the business climate today, change is not only certain, but learning to adapt to change is a must for business owners and entrepreneurs if they wish to prosper. Those who do not learn to adapt to change will be left wondering what happened, while those open to change can actually thrive in our new economy.

The biggest hurdle today for any business owner is the simple fact that everyone's financing options have changed, from the business owner himself, to his suppliers, and last but most importantly, his